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Jeudi 16 mars 2006

“Become an Xcoder”

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Reçu ce matin dans ma boite mail :

From: Alex Clarke
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 16:37:37 +1100
Subject: Announcement: Free new Xcode book available as pdf

General Press Release

15th March 2006

Become An Xcoder

Bert Altenburg, author of “AppleScript for Absolute Starters”, in co-operation with Alex Clarke and Philippe Mougin, has released a new book, “Become an Xcoder”, for newcomers to Cocoa programming using Objective-C and XCode.

This tutorial is for non-programmers, and is aimed at levelling the learning curve as much as possible. In the best tradition, the tutorial is being released as a free booklet in pdf format.

It is available for download from (Direct Link: Warning: 2MB pdf file at this link).

Alex Clarke

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